Saturday, 1 March 2008


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This is the BEST Chill Oil I have ever tasted! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I tasted it. It's delicious and far superior to anything else on the market in my opinion. David's Chilli Oil Medium and Hot has a rich rounded flavour and everyone should try them. Such a flavoursome product. I marinated large prawns in the Medium oil, left for 10 minutes and then put on the BBQ. A simply sensational taste!


I bought this chilli oil at the Dean chilli festival. It is by far the most glorious chilli oil on the planet. Every flavour specific. I use it on everything. Meat, fish, sandwiches mixed with mayo. In pasta sauce , on pizza. it's beyond delicious. I ordered 2 jars of the medium oil this time. I almost had a heart attack when I realized my last jar was empty. Typical teenagers finish something and leave the empty jar in the cupboard. Yes my kids adore this oil too!!!! thank you David for creating the most splendid chilli oil on earth.


I bought a jar of David's Chilli oil last year at the Leamington Food Festival and have to say it is nothing short of magic. It livens up everything with just a few drops and, right now, is helping me beat a nasty cold. An outstanding product! I will be very sad when the jar is finished although a little goes a long way so I have a while yet. Cheers! Rebecca


Bought a jar of your hot oil at the chilli fest. Fantastic mate, a unique flavour, I love it with everything! Look out for future orders!


Thanks for a straight forward order process. Really looking forward to receiving the goods as first bought at Liverpool Food Festival last year but soon ran out!

Sam K

Purchased at good food show NEC last year now stocking up for BBQ season!Absolutely brilliant product well done.

David H

Having searched out chilli oils for years, yours is the best I have ever had. Wonderful stuff.


David's chilli oil is the best i've had. I recently went to taste of christmas in london and sampled david's chilli oil in the morning and then went on to try all the other vendors chilli oils and davids chilli oil was the best by far. The flavour and heat marry perfectly. I love my oil, its almost all gone.


Great to meet you in Stow-on-the-Wold. Your hot chilli oil is really fantastic! The depth and richness of flavour is exceptional, we're addicted.


Fantastic chilli oil - my 'can't go without' ingredient.


I discovered your chilli oil while staying with my sister for Christmas and I am so glad I did. It is simply the best chilli oil I have ever tasted and I am so glad to have found you on line.........and can now stock up! I am so excited! Many thanks!

Richard B

We met you at the Good Food Show. I have chilli in everything and yours is the best chilli oil we have ever tasted. We are now a customer for life!


‘I bought the hot oil at Olympia 2011 and was quickly sorry that I hadn’t bought more. This is without doubt the best chilli oil on the planet! The flavour is like no other oil I have found and I can honestly say that I have tried hundreds of oils and even attempted to make my own (foolish woman) to no avail!I am so grateful to be able to buy it directly so that I can supply friends in Switzerland with something wonderful for Christmas.’


“We’ve travelled all over the world; from North, Central and South America, to Asia and Australasia and my husband Joe is now something of a chilli oil/sauce connoisseur. Your oil beats all.”


Just to say that I bought my first jar of your hot chilli oil a month ago at the Sudeley Castle event. I've used other chilli oils in the past and wasn't expecting it to be much different to those. You will see I have just placed an order for 4 more jars (!) simply because we are addicted to it and I now have a complete fear of running out, plus bought some for my sister as I've kept raving about it so feel she really needs to understand what I mean! A particular favourite of ours is frying onions in it as the base for a chilli con carne. Makes the best chilli con carne ever because it adds some really fantastic layers of taste to it. Well done!

John Torode

By now I've usually had enough of the traditional Christmas fare, so I always go a bit chilli-mad in the New Year. David's Chilli Oil is fantastic - it really gives a kick to marinades and curries but can be used as a dipping sauce. I love it.


Bought your Chilli Oil at Henley festival and its the best oil I have ever used. Stir fried king prawns in linguini with David's Chilli Oil - awesome!!!


Please can you send this out urgently, I need it for friday, I know I ordered it late but did not realise that we were about to run out, your Chilli oil is amazing.


If Carlsberg made Chilli Oil it WOULD be David's.


The chilli oil has been a MASSIVE success! We made some coucous tabuleh and it really made it take off!

Mike Rea

Not normally a recommender, but I defy anyone not to love David's Chilli Oil on their pizza...I could drink this stuff by the tablespoon. Smokey, tasty, delicious heat, mood elevating.


Never tried it - love the comments!!

A few days later.....I have just taken delivery of two pots of David's Oil (medium and hot) and am seriously impressed! Although the heat level is only reasonable, THE TASTE! Oh my word, the taste! Smoky, chipotle style loveliness - I defy you to find a dish this won't improve - I think it'd work drizzled over vanilla ice-cream!

Thank you David - a real selfish treat!


I bought one of your chilli medium oils just recently at the Spirit of Xmas and I want to congratulate you on such an amazing oil.. I've already finished it, I fry it with fresh prawns and it is to die for, so well done you for bringing a smile on my face...that is why I'm ordering another 4!!!


I bought a jar of this at the Spirit of Christmas fair - IT'S WONDERFUL -best chilli oil I have ever tasted.


I use the oil in many different ways. I use it when I prepare indonesian dishes, both for stirring the meat and later on the rice. In salads sometimes. But the best is bbq sate of chicken or quality pork and then finally a spoon of the oil on it instead of peanut sauce or so.
So in short, I use it a lot and in many ways. The good thing is that i serve it to friends and family, who love it as well and that means that I have to order a jar for them as well. So I am not the only one using the oil now.

Natalie and Richard

We met you at the Hampton Court Food Festival and our lives have changed since that day! Your oil is by far the most delicious, addictive, exciting recipe we have ever come across and I can’t believe that I am so excited about it that I’m now visiting your site to order more and posting a blog about it! Lol! I’m not a saddo, I promise! We are however, passionate chilli eaters and I can safely say that your chilli oil is the most exciting chilli based ingredient we have ever come across! Thank you for creating such an outstanding oil!


I bought a jar of this on Friday from your stand at the Islington fair, and since then I have had it with my Friday night pizza, my Saturday breakfast, my Saturday night tea and am currently enjoying it on a baguette for Sunday breakfast. Saturday lunch comprised an apple and a banana eaten on the train, so , sadly, I had to give the oil a miss on that occasion. I think it is fair to say I am rapidly becoming addicted.

This stuff is fabulous; without a doubt the best chili oil I have ever tasted. I would like to share the secret with my friends, but as I currently only have one jar, I am going to have to keep it to myself for the time being . Please let me know what other shows you will be appearing at in the near future, so I can stock up and start to spread the joy.

Congratulations on developing such a great product.


David's Chilli Oil provides that elusive ZIP that transforms good stews, pastas, soups, shepherds pie etc - even curries into culinary delights.


What are the worlds five elements? Earth, wind, water fire and David's Chilli Oil.


How can i put perfection into words? Honeyed fragrant, orange blossom gushing forth an endless succession of scents from seemingly immeasureable depths. On the palate, full bodied rich concentrated, wonderful length. An explosive bouquet and exaggerated flavour. Great in cheese sandwiches too !


Its for girls too.


I was a bit of a weed when it came to David's Chilli Oil, a bit powerless, but now i find it amazing. You start off by tasting the awesome flavour, then after a few moments of thinking you've made it... Wham, the heat strikes - its beautiful !


David's Chilli Oil refreshes the parts other oils cannot reach.


David's Chilli Oil puts the wind in my sail and the sting in my tail.


...and on the 8th day, david created chilli oil.


David has, over many years been producing spectacular pots of chilli oil, and believe me, they are no ordinary pots of chilli oil. This oil has revolutionised food, cooking and eating for myself and those around me. Before I discovered David's oil...eating (whilst enjoyable) was definitely not as physiologically stimulating an experience as it is these used to be bland, now it's bloody grand. This oil is the Gin in my's Philharmonic. I just hope that people are really ready for this stuff.


For those of you who like a bit of spice in your food - try this chilli oil - it's the nuts!! Great on anything - especially salads, stir fries and pasta.
It's the best you'll ever try. Go and buy some!


I have eaten spicy food all over the world and this is without doubt the best flamin' Chilli Oil that i have EVER tasted. I made a prawn linguine last night and bathed it in the oils. Magnifico!!


Happy birthday dude. Oh and by the way i've found the perfect combo, 'David's Chilli Oil' and the barbeque, oh yeah now ya talkin!


You have saved an entire nation! Thank you for saving my life. I noticed on the web that chilli is very addictive - i think i now have proof that it is so. It also says that its an afrodisiac...which explains a few things!!


Davids Chilli Oil is simply the best. Whenever my friends house gets burgled or he accidentally gets neutered due to a clerical error at the hospital, I just give him some of Davids Chilli Oil and it sorts him right out. Also makes an ideal gift for anniversaries, christmas and relatives who have just come out of prison after serving 10 years for arson.


David's Chilli Oil is quite simply an essential for any kitchen. Whatever i add it to the people who try it think i am a master chef! They can never quite put their finger on my secret ingredient. For years it has been our little secret - but now the secrets out!! Buy some - you will not be disappointed!!


David's oil bought a whole new meaning to lifting the taste. I added it to the soups we have here at work from the Cano and they became something special, no longer the tasteless things they can be. We have a jar here at work and those that can cope (and it is a trial of strength) dip in. We have all learned to use it according to power and what we can take. Words that describe it: Zing, Pow - Strength - life - bursting - tequila sunrises - Red…… xxxx


This is simply the Rolls Royce of Chilli Oil. After years of cooking this is the most excited i have been about Chilli Oil. David is a very rare talent.


David's Chilli Oil has gone Swiss Chic (Vert-Pre Verbier 2008).Confirmed by 8 chefs & guests. It accompanied every meal and aroused phenominal enthusiasm, even as much as the Farinet and that is saying something!


David's Chilli Oil is narcotic in its more-ishness. A true artisan product, it is unsurpassed in my experience. Dont waste time thinking about it - buy some now.


In Argentina we are not used to eating spicy food, i knew this oil was brilliant so i tried it in my bloody Mary. It was great, love it. SECRET: swap your tabasco with David's chilli Oil.


David's Chilli Oil puts lead in your pencil, and that is a proven scientific fact.


David your the Master Chilli Chef...and for all those who have never had the incredible pleasure of trying one of David's curries, hurry hurry and get this pot in your cupboard. Pop bands have named themselves after this wicked, spicey's that HOT!


God damn its GOOD !!!! ( in a slightly southern US accent)


A splash of David's Chilli Oil will revitalise the most boring of dishes and boost your libido.


Hey, the Chilli Oil is awesome. Some chilli oils i buy from the supermarket are just oily and hot, but this has a really distinctive flavour as well as the heat which makes it wicked on pizza's and pasta particularly. Am mostly enjoying it smeared all over pizzas. Keep up the good work.


Probably the best Chilli Oil in the world. I wouldn't consider eating Asian food without it.


Bath in it, it'll make even YOU taste good.